In this week’s episode of Tube to Table, Jennifer and Heidi are discussing the Thrive Parent’s Bill of Rights. You may have seen this in a recent blog post at Thrive, but during this episode Jennifer and Heidi will dive into more detail and walk through each crucial step in the Bill of Rights. This was created by the Thrive Tube Weaning Team for any feeding therapy, not just tube weaning, although it especially applies to children with feeding tubes. This is an important tool to help remind parents to listen to their intuition and guide them through what feeding therapy should look like. If something feels wrong, it is important to identify that feeling and address that with your therapist. The Thrive Bill of Rights is a good reminder for parents that your protective intuition is there for a reason, and if it feels wrong, it is worth exploring more. Jennifer and Heidi will break down the Bill of Rights and outline why it is so important for families to be a part of therapy and feel confident in their decisions. 

Check out this episode’s show note page (www.thrivewithspectrum.comfor links to the resources we mentioned and more information on what we discussed in today’s episode! Don’t forget to follow us on social media for more helpful information @Thrivewithspectrum on Instagram, @Thrivewithsp on Twitter, and @Thrivewithspectrum on Facebook! 

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